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Word 2010 Shortcut Keys

by Nick Copper on 01/03/12

Moving around in a document

Press This To Move Insertion Pointer Here
? Up one line of text
? Down one line of text
? Right one character
? Left one character
Ctrl+? Up one paragraph
Ctrl+? Down one paragraph
Ctrl+? Right one word
Ctrl+? Left one word
PgUp Up one screen
PgDn Down one screen
End To end of current line
Home To start of current line
Ctrl+Home To top of document
Ctrl+End To bottom of document

The most common key commands

Press This To Do This
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+Z Undo

Text-formatting key commands

To Do This Press This
Bold Ctrl+B
Italic Ctrl+I
Underline Ctrl+U
Double Underline Ctrl+Shift+D
Word Underline Ctrl+Shift+W
Small Caps Ctrl+Shift+K
Superscript Ctrl+Shift++
Subscript Ctrl+=
Erase Formatting Ctrl+spacebar
Grow Font Size Ctrl+Shift+>
Shrink Font Size Ctrl+Shift+<
ALL CAPS Ctrl+Shift+A
Font Ctrl+Shift+F
Point Size Ctrl+Shift+P
Font Dialog Box Ctrl+D

Paragraph-formatting key commands

To Do This Press This
Center Text Ctrl+E
Left Align Ctrl+L
Right Align Ctrl+R
One Line Spacing Ctrl+1
1½ Line spacing Ctrl+5
Two Line Spacing Ctrl+2
Justify Ctrl+J
Indent Paragraph Ctrl+M
Unindent Ctrl+Shift+M
Hanging indent Ctrl+T
Unhang indent Ctrl+Shift+T

Common Word key commands

Feature/Action Press This
Help F1
Cancel Escape
Go Back Shift+F5
New Document Ctrl+N
Open Ctrl+O
Print Ctrl+P
Close Ctrl+W
Quick Save Ctrl+S
Repeat Ctrl+Y
Find Ctrl+F
Find and Replace Ctrl+H
Manual Page Break Ctrl+Enter

Uncommon (but useful) Word key commands

Feature/Action Press This
Go To F5
Show/Hide Ctrl+Shift+8
Office Button Menu Alt+F
Styles Task Pane Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S
Print Preview Ctrl+Alt+I
Word Count Ctrl+Shift+G
Symbol Font Ctrl+Shift+Q
Print Layout View Ctrl+Alt+P
Draft (Normal) Mode Ctrl+Alt+N
Outline Mode Ctrl+Alt+O
Split Window Alt+Ctrl+S

Handy insert key commands

To Insert This Press This
Today's Date Alt+Shift+D
Current Time Alt+Shift+T
Paste Special Alt+Ctrl+V
Footnote Alt+Ctrl+F
Endnote Alt+Ctrl+D
Comment Ctrl+Alt+M

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