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History Of Computer Viruses

by Nick Copper on 07/14/11

The History Of Computer Viruses

If you have been wondering on issues like what is computer virus, what are computer viruses, and where do computer viruses come from, the actual fact is that viruses have been around for longer than most people think.
In fact, the first PC virus was created in 1986. This is popularly called 'Brain' virus, and was written in Pakistan. This particular virus was a boot-sector virus, as it could only infect the boot records and not hard drives. It would occupy the unused space on the disk so that it could not be used, and as well as be able to hide itself from detectio n. The reason is that it would display the original and uninfected boot sector when a user tried to view the infected space on the disk.

It was in 1987 that the Lehigh virus was established, and it was first discovered at Lehigh University, hence the reason for its title. This was in fact the first memory resident file infector. They attack executable files. In March 1998 the first anti-virus was written, and it was originally designed to detect and remove the Brain virus. This was made possible by immunizing against the Brain infect ion as well.

The questions of what is a computer virus, what are computer viruses, when is a computer subject to infection by a virus, and why do people create computer viruses can not be answered simply, as there are many explanations and reasons for all of these. There are a number of different reasons as to why virus writers create these viruses. Some of them are research projects, pranks, vandalism, to attack the products of certain companies, to dis tribute political messages, for financial gain from identity theft, spyware, and cryptoviral extortion. However there are also some viruses that are intended to be good, as they help in improvement to the programs. It should also be known and remembered that a poorly-written good virus can still turn bad, as it may misidentify its target file and then result in deleting an innocent system file by mistake. 

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